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HE Lenis Patong

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HE Lenis Patong

Canapa Light
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The Patong inflorescences, which stand out as protagonists in our selection, represent an absolute excellence characterized by compactness, absence of seeds and a generous resin production, with a significant emphasis on the concentration of CBD.

The flowers of this variety are distinguished by their sweet and spicy notes, which emerge decisively, adding an intriguing and enveloping touch to the overall sensorial experience. Hints of pungent notes further enrich the depth of the aromatic profile, offering a variety of nuances that help define Patong's distinctive personality.

This variety, an authentic jewel of nature, comes from plants grown with extreme care, without resorting to the use of harmful chemical additives. Meticulous attention to detail plays a key role in producing buds of the highest quality and purity.


Patong offers an extraordinary vision with its light green flowers,
enriched by the abundant presence of trichomes and pistils of a lively orange hue.

This variety stands out for its compact and lush structure, with inflorescences that are a real visual spectacle. The flowers are generously covered in sparkling trichomes, adding a hint of shine that underlines their exceptional quality.
What makes Patong flowers truly fascinating are the orange pistils that dot the entire composition, giving the flowers a touch of lively beauty, creating a vibrant contrast with the predominant green. The combination of sinuous shapes and captivating colors helps to create an extraordinarily fascinating visual image.


The unmistakable aroma of Patong is not only pleasant but also remarkably persistent, characterized by a symphony of sweet, spicy and pungent notes.
Deep layers of aroma gradually reveal themselves, offering enthusiasts a captivating sensory journey through a range of aromatic notes.


Grown in a greenhouse among the Cilento hills, full of history and natural beauty, they act as a backdrop for our crops, taking advantage of a unique combination of uncontaminated lands and proximity to the sea, elements that favor the optimal growth of our cannabis sativa plants.

We use exclusively natural cultivation methods, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, to offer pure and authentic light cannabis.


The distinctive composition of Patong is mainly characterized by the predominant presence of two key compounds: limonene and beta-caryophyllene. This unique combination gives this hemp variety not only a distinctive flavor profile but also a complexity of sensory experiences.

Limonene, the predominant terpene in this cultivar, is responsible for the irresistible citrus aroma that envelops the plant. This compound not only adds a lively freshness to the fragrance, but also helps deliver an olfactory experience reminiscent of juicy, fresh citrus fruits. The presence of limonene results in a distinctive citrus note that can enrich and liven up the overall Patong experience.
In parallel, beta-caryophyllene is another relevant component that adds an intriguing touch to the terpene blend. Featuring a tangy, spicy note, this terpene not only contributes to the overall aroma, but can also subtly influence the flavor profile. Its presence gives further sensorial depth, enriching the experience with spicy and spicy nuances.


Store in a cool, dry place, in its packaging. This practice guarantees that the unique aroma and taste of the variety is maintained unaltered for a prolonged period, allowing you to fully enjoy its distinctive qualities over time.

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