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HE Lenis San Fernando

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HE Lenis San Fernando

Canapa Light
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The San Fernando inflorescences, the protagonists of our selection, present themselves as an excellence in terms of compactness, absence of seeds and abundance of resin, with an important concentration of CBD.

The flowers have spicy notes that emerge, contributing to an intriguing and enveloping touch, while woody hints further enrich the depth of the overall sensory experience.

A true jewel of nature, these inflorescences derive from plants grown with extreme care, excluding the use of harmful chemical additives, q This attention to detail contributes to the production of high quality and pure inflorescences.


San Fernando inflorescences are genuinely charming. Featuring dense flowers, covered in glittering trichomes and adorned with orange pistils, these flowers immediately catch the eye.

This generous presence of trichomes and the rich hair of the pistils help to create an extraordinary visual texture, while the brilliant resin adds a touch of magic, further elevating the attractiveness of these flowers. In every detail, San Fernando flowers are an aesthetic masterpiece, capturing the eye with their stunning combination of shapes, colors and reflections.


The enveloping aroma of San Fernando represents an authentic sensorial invitation.

The sweet notes, enveloping like a delicate embrace, blend sublimely with the slightly spicy nuances, creating a harmonious olfactory symphony. This olfactory experience is not just a prelude, but an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of sophisticated and satisfying tastes.


Grown in a greenhouse among the Cilento hills, full of history and natural beauty, they act as a backdrop for our crops, taking advantage of a unique combination of uncontaminated lands and proximity to the sea, elements that favor the optimal growth of our cannabis sativa plants.

We use exclusively natural cultivation methods, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, to offer pure and authentic light cannabis.


San Fernando stands out for its complex combination of terpenes, key elements that contribute significantly to its distinctive fragrance. Pinene and Myrcene emerge at the center of this aromatic composition, with notes of spices and woods, combined with the freshness of Limonene.

Spicy notes emerge, contributing to an intriguing and enveloping touch, while woody hints further enrich the depth of the overall sensory experience. The synergy between these terpenes produces an olfactory harmony that goes far beyond the simple scent, offering a rich and satisfying sensorial sensation.


Store in a cool, dry place, in its packaging. This practice guarantees that the unique aroma and taste of the variety is maintained unaltered for a prolonged period, allowing you to fully enjoy its distinctive qualities over time.

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