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HE CBD Oil 6

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HE CBD Oil 6

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The STARTER concentration is ideal for those who are approaching this type of product for the first time and want to test its benefits.

level 1 CBD

Body care oil enriched with hemp extract analyzed in certified laboratories and obtained through eco-sustainable techniques.

Our oil has multiple purposes: It is ideal for skin care thanks to the countless active ingredients of the extract Hemp and to nature dermocosmetics of the CBD which interacts directly with the skin, preventing aging, dryness and skin diseases.

The molecule: CBD

Each of us has a endocannabinoid system which processes through receptors the benefits that each of the cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids brings to the body. The benefits of CBD on our body studied are countless , here are some of the most important:

  1. He's a natural psychophysical balancer : The endocannabinoid system it is one of the main biological centers of our body, its correct function is essential for physical and mental processes to function correctly. CBD acts directly on the endocannabinoid system: stimulates it, protects it, strengthens it.

  2. It's a painkiller .

  3. Reduces the psychotropic effects of THC alleviating the symptoms from hangover felt.

  4. It is a stabilizer of intraocular pressure.

  5. It acts like antiepileptic , anxiolytic , antibiotic .

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HE CBD Oil also has a strong component dermocosmetics . It is due to the ability to interact and communicate with skin cells. Among the advantages that you will acquire by applying through the application of our products:

•Elasticity and hydration of the skin;
•natural emollient;
•reduces i sebocytes excess products, our oil is a sebum regulator against oily skin . It soothes discomfort and irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial effects of CBD .
It takes action against the psoriasis inhibiting the proliferation of interluchin , decisive in the formation of plaques typical of the skin pathology.
Rich in Vitamin E , essential in keeping the skin healthy and young thanks to antioxidant properties .


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