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Hemp for your Care

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Hentourage through sustainable low-impact laboratory extraction techniques for plant matter allows the subject to benefit to the maximum from the therapeutic potential of the plant .

HE Oil

In our laboratories we produce the best CBD and CBG oils.

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#Hemp4PET | Hemp is a precious ally for your 4-legged friends. Find out how we take care of it.

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HE Sports

Before, during and after the performance. Three phases in which Hemp can help your life as an athlete.

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HE De Ornatu

From De Ornatu of Trotula the ancient knowledge that combines nature and cosmetic well-being. Take care of your beauty.

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The benefits of CBD on our body studied are countless, here are some of the most important applications:

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HE CBD Oil 12

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD is, together with THC, the phytocannabinoid with the highest concentration within cannabis plants.

CBD is particularly concentrated in fiber cannabis varieties (what we commonly call hemp) and does not have the central psychotropic effect of THC.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has been associated with several potential benefits, including pain relief , reduced anxiety and stress , improvements in sleep , and effectiveness in treating certain neurological disorders .

Is the use of CBD legal?

CBD laws vary from country to country and even within different regions. In many areas, CBD derived from hemp (with low levels of THC ) is legal, while CBD derived from marijuana may be subject to more severe restrictions.


In recent years, veterinarians have rediscovered the therapeutic potential of hemp in the treatment of many diseases typical of pets.

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Hemp and your 4-legged friends.

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HE PET Oil 3


HE PET Oil 5


HE PET Oil 8


HE PET Oil 10


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of CBD for my puppies?

The beneficial properties of CBD on our body are countless and the same applies to our puppies.

Here they are listed:

  • Anti-inflammatory : Anti-inflammatory properties can help treat health problems such as arthritis and chronic pain in animals, but also protect the skin and fur from the risks they are continually exposed to.
  • Anticonvulsant : CBD can help control seizures that affect our pets
  • Anxiolytics : can help in cases of anxiety and severe stress
  • Pain Relief : It has analgesic properties that can help treat pain.
  • Sleep regulation : It can help regulate sleep cycles and improve their quality
  • natural emollient : gives hydration to the skin and softness to the fur
Are there real risks?

Using CBD for pets is considered generally safe , but there are some risks to consider. Incorrect dosages, interactions with existing drugs and product quality can affect safety.

Consulting your veterinarian , following safe dosages and using high-quality products are crucial to minimizing these risks and ensuring the animal's well-being .

How can I administer the oil?

It is possible to administer HE PET Oil both orally (directly into the mouth or by adding it to food) and topically , through the application of oils or ointments containing CBD.

It is important to start with a low quantity and gradually increase , dividing it into two administrations per day .

HENTOURAGE in music. Listen now on Spotify

The "Hentourage" musical project was born as part of a larger initiative: CREATIVE HENTOURAGE which represents our desire to tell you about Hemp through the most powerful channels in the world, culture and art in all its forms. Our first initiative could only tell who we are, where we come from and what we fight for. We therefore wanted to tell a story that started in an indefinite time and in a very specific place, Salerno, the city of care, our city of origin.

The project


Info Date Location More info


Immersed in nature, under the starry vault, we will taste hemp-based foods, the first fruits of the farm that hosts us and a selection of local Cilento products.

Friday, 09/15/2023 6.30pm

Santa Barbara, Cilento, Salerno 🇮🇹

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HE De Ornatu

HE De Ornatu

Face cream


Hand cream


From De Ornatu of Trotula the ancient knowledge that combines nature and cosmetic well-being.

Discover the Hemp and CBD -based cosmetic line, inspired by the first medieval work that scientifically described the use of medicinal plants for cosmetic purposes.

In our laboratories we have conducted in-depth studies which have allowed us to create products that are at least 96% natural.

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